Subtle Aromatherapay: An Overview

Other than being an aromatherapist, I also have an 18 year old spiritual healing practice, where I use aromatherapy and other vibrational therapies with my clients.  In the previous entries, I have mostly focused on the physical properties of carrier and essential oils and how to use them.  In this next category, we will go beyond the physical and delve into our “hidden anatomy” and how we can work with aromatherapy to heal it.

Essential oils are very complex Beings.  Each is composed of  200-500 different chemical components.  And it’s this complexity, that allows  them to work with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions.  However, you can only find this complexity with top notch essential oils.  That is why it is imperative in subtle aromatherapy that you only work with high quality oils.

Most of the information about subtle aromatherapy comes from the ancient past, through the writings of mystics, alchemists, fables, folklore, legend and myth.   However, like the shaman, we too can glean information about subtle aromatherapy by getting in touch with the plant’s essence or spirit.  In this way, the plant itself, can tell us what the best uses of it’s essential oil can be.  It is through our own experimentation and experience, however, that we truly learn about the gift of subtle aromatherapy.

There are many facets of subtle aromatherapy.  The most common being, how essential  oils affect our subtle bodies, and help in our meditations, that  includes affirmations, visualizations, and other transformative techniques for inner work.  Subtle aromatherapy can also be applied when doing planetary healing, absent healing, ceremony and ritual.  And we can combine this technique with other vibrational therapies, such as color, flower essences and sound.

So, join me as we take a left hand turn from the physical attributes of carrier oils, to learn some unique ways of working with essential oils through subtle aromatherapy.

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