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Subtle Aromatherapy: Our Hidden Anatomy

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

For the person who is mainly physically oriented, subtle aromatherapy may be hard to grasp, because it is dealing with parts of ourselves that most of us cannot touch or see.  Although this category can include working with our mental and emotional aspects of life, it also includes affecting our energetic system, that is hidden from normal eyesight and our other senses.   Our energetic system is comprised of the Auric fields, chakras, and meridians, and these in turn interface with our endocrine system, and organs.  What happens to our energetic system affects our physical systems and vise versa. Everything is interrelated.

The auric field is a complex network of energy threads, like fibers of a feather, that forms a luminous egg around each of us.   And this auric field is composed of different layers that correspond to our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  So that when we work with subtle aromatherapy within the auric field, it can affect us on all of these levels.

The auric field is connected to our chakras.  These are spinning vortexes of energy; each one spinning at a different frequency.  They are places where prana (life force) can easily enter or leave our bodies.  The upper ones (5-7) work with regulating cosmic energies and the lower ones (1-3),  regulate how we work with the earth energies, or grounding.  The Heart Chakra or midpoint of the two, is the place where earth and spirit come together through emotion, love, and compassion.  Each chakra is directly affiliated with a specific endocrine gland and organ.

Our meridians run vertically (top to bottom) and also interface with the chakras.  They are like energetic veins and arteries.  Instead of carrying blood, they allow our life force energy to flow and circulate within the entire energetic system.  All of which is vital to our health.  This is why acupuncture is such a dynamic and important therapy; it works with the meridians to maintain balance and harmony in our bodies.

When we work with our energetic system through subtle aromatherapy, we have the capability of dynamically shifting our moods, perceptions and consciousness.  I am continually amazed at how quickly someone’s chakra energy responds when I manually massage it with an essential oil. Typically,  when there is a blockage in the heart chakra, I put a very small amount of rose essential oil, (1 drop), on a finger, rub my fingers together, then let the person smell the rose essential oil, and finally cup my hands over the heart chakra.  Immediately, I sense a release of old, stuck, energy.  Formulas can also be blended specifically to do many things with our chakras, including opening and balancing them.  And I have done just that with my Aromatherapy Celebrations! Chakra Oil Set.

Still confused?  Or want more information?  Just drop me a comment.   I’ll be happy to fill in the details!

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