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Subtle Aromatherapy & Flower Essences

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

There’s a rumor out there that flower essences and aromatherapy don’t mix well together.  They say that somehow the aromatherapy scents will destroy the delicate vibrational remedies.  Maybe  this happens with people who believe it, but it’s never happened to any blend I’ve created, using both modalities at he same time.  My guidance in the matter, has always been to blend the essential oils first, then add the carrier oil or water, and then add the flower essences.  After which, I allow everything to intermingle for several hours and become one.

Some of you may be wondering what the dickens is a flower essence?? In short, this is a vibrational remedy.  It is created by picking the organic flower of  your choice, putting it in a bowl of water and then setting the bowl of water out in the sunlight for several hours.  The sun, with it’s life giving energies, infuses the flower’s essence or vibration in the water.  We then call this the Mother Essence.  Stock bottles are made in homeopathic style, by taking 3-7 drops of the Mother Essence, and dropping them into a 1 oz. bottle, and adding distilled water.  Dosage bottles are made in the same fashion, by dropping 3-7 drops of the stock essence into another bottle (1 oz. – 1/3 oz.), and filling the bottle with distilled water.  Some companies you can experiment with are:  Bach Flower Remedies, Flower Essence Society, Desert Essence, Perelandra, Pegasus, and Green Hope Farms.

Flower essences work under the guises of the Doctrine of Signatures.  Meaning that each flower resonates to a different emotional issue that we may have.  In the beginning, flower essences were only made to help us heal emotional distress, in it’s many forms.  However, as flower essences became more popular, many remedies were created to help with our spiritual awakening, as well.

I’ve been working with flower essences for over 20 years and have accumulated over 200 bottles in the interim.  And I do use them whenever I blend a subtle aromatherapy formula.  I have always found this double wammy of potency, makes a far superior product.

You may have noticed, however, for pets I only use flower essences in a number of products. This is because flower essences, unlike essential oils, can be used with  all animals without side effects.  Essential oil blends can be toxic to cats, and a little over powering to birds as well.  Much of my research on this subject has also revealed that it is always wise to let your pet smell the essential oil blend first to see if they like it.  We must remember and honor that animals are way more sensitive about scents than we are.

What have your experiences been, with combining aromatherapy & flower essences?

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