The Center for Transformational Studies


Aromatherapy Celebrations!

We focus on creating exceptional aromatherapy products, made from organic essential oils for both the alternative healing practitioner, and general public. And we are dedicated to helping people understand how aromatherapy can enhance your life and spiritual journey.

Our specialties are:
Spiritual Enhancement, First Aid & Skin Care.

We produce the purest, aromatherapy products, at a reasonable price, while delighting your senses and nurturing your well-being.

    All of our aromatherapy products are made from:

  • The highest quality organic/wild crafted essential oils

  • Without synthetics of any kind

  • Without chemicals derived from plants

  • In small batches for freshness & quality assurance

We use the Aromatherapist brand essential oils. They only work with small growers and small processors and hand bottle their essential oils. This creates the perfect product for alternative healers, spiritual purposes, and everyday use. Their products and processing are also organically certified by ECOCERT, which has the highest organic standards in the world.

Our skin care cream is purchased from a private label company that only uses organic essential oils, biodynamically grown herbal infusions and vegetable oils and butters that are food grade. Their raw materials are never bleached or processed and retain all of their vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins and natural colors.